Life And Trust is a historic bank that has bankrolled New York’s greatest innovations for centuries. Located in the beating heart of New York’s Financial District, Life And Trust guards the secrets of the rich and powerful within its walls. For those who wish to pull back the curtain on American ambition, Life And Trust offers a rare opportunity to discover the value— and the cost— of cherished dreams and desires. If you long to know your worth— and better yet, to earn it— enter Life And Trust’s timeless vaults for a chance at freedom, abundance, and immortality.

Emursive produces immersive experiences in extraordinary places. As proprietors of The McKittrick Hotel and Conwell Tower, Emursive produces the award-winning Sleep No More, the highly anticipated Life And Trust, and the mind-bending Speakeasy Magick. Emursive also produces numerous live concerts, intimate music festivals, showstopping events, and spectacular themed holiday celebrations at Gallow Green, The Club Car, Manderley Bar, Conwell Coffee Hall, and The Overlook Bar.

Conwell Tower - Home of Life and Trust

Conwell Tower houses the historic Life And Trust bank, as well as the sinfully delicious Conwell Coffee Hall. Conwell Tower, commissioned by financial titan J.G. Conwell, stands as an enduring testament to the opulence and ambition of the early 20th century financial world.

Life and Trust

This architectural wonder soars majestically into the clouds, its iconic exterior evoking the grandeur of the surrounding New York city skyline. The building’s facade blends artistic craftsmanship with its imposing stature. Inside, Conwell Tower houses a series of lavishly decorated halls, with marble floors, gilded ceilings, and large windows with plush emerald green curtains. Each floor of Conwell Tower was meticulously designed to reflect both the power and sophistication of J.G. Conwell’s financial empire, making it not only a functional headquarters but also a symbol of enduring legacy and architectural brilliance.