Life and Trust

Trust your soul with us

Experience a tale of money, sex, and power in the heart of the Financial District.

Aspire to greatness

You stand at the threshold of your future, ready to forge your path… and we’re here to help. At Life And Trust, we stand by our clients in times of great promise and peril. Our sworn oath is to be there for you always, because your aspirations are our inspiration. 


Gain Entry

On select evenings, Life And Trust opens its doors to a select few… for a singular experience of discovery and abandon. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to seize your destiny. 

Our Story

Welcome to Life And Trust: a timeless institution hiding in plain sight. We’ve seen periods of feast and famine in this great city… and we’ve outlasted them all. Why? Because we make it our business to understand human nature. We conquer markets by anticipating human desires. So whether you’re a rising star or a fallen soul, Life And Trust ensures that no matter how grand, your biggest dreams will be realized… we guarantee it. 

Plan your Visit

Life And Trust is located in Conwell Tower at 69 Beaver Street in the epicenter of the Financial District, easily accessible by NYC Subway and PATH trains, bus, and ferry. Prepare yourself for an evening in which trust meets temptation…


Are there any age restrictions for Life And Trust?

All guests must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

Are there accessibility options available?

We encourage guests with any accessibility needs to contact us prior to arrival at: [email protected]

Can I purchase tickets in person?

The Trusted Teller will be available at Conwell Coffee Hall from 12pm – 5pm daily for onsite purchases.